Special offers

Beef Jerky is one of the tastiest snacks available in the market that has a nutrition value also. Beef Jerky contains very low fat and different types of proteins that we need. People who go to the gym regularly, they too can have beef jerky after the sessions. If you are down and need to boost yourself for a longer duration, then beef jerky is a perfect choice. It is lightweight as well as tasty to eat, hence people find it attractive in both ways. Astronauts are quite fond of beef jerky as it stays good for several hours in their stomach.

Another important aspect of beef jerky is its long shelf life. We prepare beef jerky in such a process by mixing right herbs so that it stays good for the longer duration. If you don’t have a refrigerator, still it will remain unaffected. One can easily store the product for nearly six months and the food quality remains the same as before. That is the uniqueness of beef jerky. We offer special rates, mega discount and latest offer from time to time as a part of promotional activities. Those special offers target new customer acquisition as well as to provide all sorts of flavors to our customers.
As a part of Special Offer, here it goes

BIG bites =

1x American Style Gold Jerky
1x Teriyaki Gold Jerky
1x Pepper Gold Jerky
1x Sweet Chilli Gold Jerky
1x Hot Chilli Gold Jerky
1x Traditional Biltong