1. What is Beef Jerky?

Jerky is derived from the Quechua term “charqui” that means “dried meat”. Hence Beef Jerky is nothing but a specially prepared dried meat made from beef. Those are smoked, dried and slices are made which is full of immense protein.

2. What is the specialty of Beef Jerky?

The specialty of beef jerky lies in its preparation process. It is expensive too. Normally, a piece of beef consists of around 60% of water. As beef jerky is made by drying the pieces, so the water needs to be evaporated. As a result, the weight decreases, hence to make around 100 gm of beef jerky, one needs at least 250 gm of beef. That is why it tastes so good and is expensive too only due to these reasons.

3. How a beef is jerky made?

Pieces of beef are smoked and dried in the initial phase. Then it is cut into strips to make it easier to eat. This is a unique process and one can’t perform the same unless he knows the tips & tricks behind it. Large pieces of meat are cut into slices to make it tastier and special.

4. How can you store beef jerky?

The process of making beef jerky is so scientific that it can be kept for at least 6 months if the seal is not broken. The vacuum packaging is done using the latest technology and it can be kept in the freezer for 7 days if the seal is broken. The freshness of beef jerky remains as it was before and for that, it should be kept in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight should be avoided at any cost and one needs to remove the air if the seal is opened.